Back to school

There is one great thing to return to your school — the atmosphere. Sitting at the lessons of your teacher awakes nostalgia. When you were there you immediately feel you are a schoolchild again. The atmosphere is the same as when you were studying there. 

The manners of teacher, his/her habits and peculiarities of conducting the lessons — all of these arise warm sweet memories, though you again can have an anxious feeling of being asked. The intonation, changeability of the voice, the sense of humour, and the jokes of one of your favourite teacher — they do can make any nasty day shine bright. Being a senior student, came to school again, I went it through. The teacher of physics made my day.

It seemed like I jumped in abuse of memories and it swallowed me up. Every phrase, joke and movement of the teacher brought me back to past. I was keep smiling during the whole lesson and was very happy to come back.

However, I never felt happy being in school. I had even thought that I hated it. I had realized I was wrong only in my last class — the subject of my hatred were not study, teachers or school itself, but my classmates. I had never felt comfort with those people or maybe I had just made myself think so.

Anyway, I can finally see the truth — I love all the teachers I have had in my life.

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Alyona, you are pioneer blogger this year! I feel happy for  your positive emotions! I just wonder if you want to become a teacher yourself?

To be honest, I am still not sure!

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